Free iPhone with Food Stamps ( How to Get )

I was thinking of shopping for flagship iPhones but was unable to arrange money for the best tech-embedded iPhone. Then, I came to know about the free iPhone with Food Stamps.

You are very fortunate if you are an EBT cardholder (or qualified for the Food Stamps) because you can also claim a free Apple iPhone. This post is here for your help.

This article comprehensively covers how the income-eligible like you and me can secure their free Apple iPhone with Food Stamps.

In short, Food Stamps is a federal government assistance program that provides beneficiaries with free iPhones along with monthly groceries. You only need to upload the benefit proof of Food Stamps when you apply for it.

Scroll down the screen to know how.

Short Answer
Yes, income-eligible individuals can claim a free Apple iPhone using Food Stamps or SNAP benefits. Several telecom companies and non-profit organizations, such as AirTalk Wireless, Cintex Wireless, and PCs for People, offer this opportunity. The process typically involves applying online, providing proof of benefits, and selecting a phone and plan.

Can I claim a free iPhone with Food Stamps (or SNAP)?

However, Apple iPhones are considered the best in the smartphone industry, but their cost is very high. I have a way to claim a free iPhone with Food Stamps. You can also secure your Apple iPhone for free without any ado.

Don’t worry! If you apply through the participating carrier company, you will not get a used iPhone. You will get a new iPhone based on your Food Stamps eligibility.

But if you apply for a free iPhone through any non–profit organization or any other company, you can get a used iPhone, But the used iPhones are worth it. They still have a long life with smart features.

So, scroll down the screen to learn more about how to claim a zero-price iPhone with Food Stamps.

How can I get a free iPhone with SNAP benefits?

Go over the following paragraphs to get a free iPhone with SNAP benefits:

AirTalk Wireless

AirTalk Wireless is a leading US telecommunication company. If you are an EBT cardholder, you have an opportunity to secure an Apple-free iPhone. Besides this, you also don’t need to worry about the high price charges of internet connection.

You can even claim a high-speed broadband connection for free via the AirTalk Wireless telecom company. Furthermore, it offers the best customer service as well as the best packaging.

But the point is that this deal is valid only for a limited period and for a limited number of users. So, you should hurry up!

Follow the following steps to claim an iPhone at no price via the AirTalk Wireless company:

  • Head over to the website of the AirTalk Wireless.
  • Enter your ZIP code to check the network coverage availability in your US State.
  • Then, click on the button Apply.
  • Provide all the details in the application form carefully.
  • Upload the benefit proof or reward statement of Food Stamps.
  • Select your phone and plan.
  • Wait for its approval.

Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless telecom company is a partner provider of the Federal Communications Commission. This company is known to offer free iPhones for qualifying Food Stamps individuals.

You should apply to this wireless company and claim your best-featured iPhone at no price. The best thing about the company is that its customer service is responsive.

You will get an instant solution to your problem once you make a call to the company.

But the offer is valid only for a limited time. So, grab this deal as soon as possible.

Go through the following steps to secure your Cintex Wireless iPhone quickly and easily:

  • Go to the website of the Cintex Wireless.
  • Scroll down the screen and look for the button Apply Now.
  • Enter your ZIP code and press the option Apply Now next to it.
  • Fill in the details in the application form.
  • Upload the benefit proof or reward statement of Food Stamps.
  • At last, click on Submit.

NewPhone Wireless

Another great platform from where you can shop for your flagship Apple iPhone free is NewPhone Wireless. This wireless company offers a great range of the best tech-embedded flagship iPhones for free to customers.

You should claim your zero-price Apple iPhone from here with the help of your EBT card. Furthermore, you will get free unlimited internet access, unlimited calling, and text messaging. The customer service and the packaging of the company are superior.

You should not need to go anywhere else. Secure your free iPhone and get great help when you run out of money.

Go through the following steps to explore how to apply for a free NewPhone Wireless:

  • Visit the official website of NewPhone Wireless.
  • Navigate to the option Apply to begin the application procedure.
  • Then, input your correct ZIP code to know the network coverage availability in your region.
  • Then, press the button Apply Now.
  • Upload your document to prove that you are an eligible beneficiary of the Food Stamps.
  • At last, click on the option Submit.

American Assistance

American Assistance is another wireless company that has provided customers with free iPhones to the receivers of the federal assistance program i.e. Food Stamps. Moreover, Food Stamps benefits also include unlimited calling, texting, and data for free at no cost.

Like the other wireless companies, American Assistance is also known to deliver the products in the best packaging.

Follow the following pointers to grab your iPhone for free via American Wireless:

  • Go to the website American Wireless.
  • Select your State in a drop-down menu bar.
  • Then, click on the option of Enroll Now.
  • Choose your device.
  • Input your email ID plus ZIP code to confirm network coverage in your area.
  • Start filling in your details in the application form.
  • Select your plan.
  • Finally, click on Submit.

Computer with Causes

If you don’t get an iPhone through the participating carriers, you can get this luxurious device from non-profit organizations. Computer with Causes is a non-profit organization that has been offering high-end Apple iPhones for free to EBT cardholders.

For this, the organization asks for donations from the donors. So many donors donate their used iPhones. Thereafter, these iPhones are refurbished and recycled before they are donated to the EBT beneficiaries.

Read the following details to apply for an iPhone via Computer with Causes organization:

  • Go to the website of the Computer with Causes.
  • Start scrolling down the screen.
  • You will find an application form.
  • Fill in the requisite details in the given columns.
  • Upload the benefit statement or reward statement of the Food Stamps.

PCs for People

The organization PCs for People was established in 1988 to offer free digital devices to Food Stamps or SNAP beneficiaries.

The chief objective of this organization is to end the digital education gap between rich students and poor students. Therefore, luxurious iPhones are available for free to the beneficiaries of the Food Stamp via PCs for People.

Check the following pointers to claim your iPhone device for free via PCs for People:

  • Head over to the official website of the PCs for People.
  • Fill in the mandatory details in the application form.
  • Wait for approval.
  • Then, create an account with the PCs for People.
  • Enter your email ID plus your password.
  • Then, log in to your PCs for People account.
  • Look for an Apple iPhone.
  • Place an order.

Laptops 4 Learning

Laptops 4 Learning is a non-profit organization that has been offering iPhones for free to eligible beneficiaries of the Food Stamps (or SNAP). You can also apply for a free iPhone if you are a student plus have an EBT card.

This organization wants to end the digital divide in society. So, without any delay, you should apply for a zero-cost iPhone. Since iPhones are very expensive, they are limited in stock. Apply for it without any delay.

Check out the following steps to secure your free iPhone:

  • Go to the Laptops 4 Learning.
  • Navigate to the option of Get a Laptop spotted at the head of the home screen.
  • Then, you will get an application form on the screen.
  • Then, fill out the requisite details in the application form.
  • Select the model.
  • Then, explain in the comment section your need for an iPhone.

What are the limitations of free Apple iPhones with Food Stamps?

It is easy and quick to claim your iPhone for free, but sometimes you won’t get the iPhone for free with Food Stamps in case of some probable causes. Go through the following pointers to learn about those causes in detail:

Per household

The benefits of a free iPhone with SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps, are not available per individual but per household. It means that only one American member of a family can claim a zero-price iPhone with his EBT card.

On the contrary, if any other member of your family has already claimed a free iPhone, you can’t claim it again.

Incorrect information

The information that you input into your online application form should be correct. For instance, the name that you have entered into the application form should be the same given on your Social Security number card.

Your incorrect information can either delay or reject your application form for a free iPhone.

Limited fund

iPhones cost more to the Federal Communications Commission. Therefore, they are available in only a limited number. So, in case you have not received it even after you have applied for it correctly, you should not be disappointed.

You should have patience and apply for high-tech smartphones instead of iPhones.


Are the Affordable Connectivity Program and Food Stamps the same?

No, the Affordable Connectivity Program and Food Stamps are not the same. The chief objective of the Food Stamps is to provide beneficiaries with groceries whereas the chief objective of the Affordable Connectivity Program is to end the digital gap across the country.

Are refurbished iPhones good to buy?

Yes, refurbished iPhones are good to buy because they are available either free or at low cost. Moreover, the durability that you will get with refurbished iPhones is also good.

The Closed Statements

This article has comprehensively explained everything about free Apple iPhones with Food Stamps. You only need to go through a step-by-step comprehensive guide given in this article.

Hope that you will get the magical illustration, i.e., iPhone. In case you do not receive it, you should be patient. You will get a plethora of options for high-end smartphones for free here.

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