Free Government iPhone 13 | How to Apply

I could not buy an iPhone 13 on credit. Buying an iPhone 13 was my dream, but it was also a costly affair for me.

But I got a solution to my problem. I found a way to procure a free government iPhone 13.

So, if your financial health is bad like mine, you can’t choose the EMI and buyback options to buy your favorite iPhone 13. But you can follow my way and get an Apple iPhone 13 for free.

This article contains a detailed piece of information about how to get a free government iPhone 13 quickly. Furthermore, this article also answers some interesting details about this topic that you will not get anywhere else.

In short, you can claim a zero-price iPhone 13 by qualifying for a government benefit program. You don’t need to pay for shipment charges or any other application fee for it. You will get it free.

Please scroll down the screen to learn more about it.

How is the Free Government iPhone 13 different from other iPhones?

iPhone 13 is the most talked about iPhone right now. Those who are using the iPhone 8 are looking for the iPhone 13 as a flagship phone to upgrade. iPhone 8 has the absence of many smart features that the iPhone 13 has. Even those who are using the iPhone 12 say that the iPhone 13 is much better than the iPhone 12 because of a new video-shooting feature.

So, check out the following pointers to explore how iPhone 13 is different from other iPhones:

Cinematic mode

Apple has brought a new software update in the form of cinematic mode in iPhone 13 for its users. If you have to do video projects, you should buy an iPhone 13 to get crystal-clear and aesthetic images. The best thing is that you are getting an opportunity to get it for free, you should not miss this offer. Secure your iPhone 13 right away.

Sensor shift technology

Isn’t it exciting that you will get the benefits of the ultra iPhone 12 Max Pro with the iPhone 13, and you don’t need to pay for it? Of course, it will sound exciting for you. You will get the sensor shift technology of the iPhone 12 Max Pro with your iPhone 13.

Longer battery life

On comparing Apple iPhone 13 with iPhone 12, you will find that Apple iPhone 13 has a longer battery life. The battery of the iPhone 13 continues 2.5 hours longer than the Apple iPhone 12 battery. You can say that the federal government has been offering the best flagship iPhone at no price.

Storage capacity

The storage capacity of the iPhone 13 comes up with 128 GB. This is much higher than the storage capacity of other iPhones. So, place an order for a free iPhone today, as you will get more high-end features than other free smartphones or iPhones.

Why should I avoid the government iPhone 13?

Though you can claim an iPhone 13 for free, you should avoid it if you are not able to endure some challenging aspects of the flagship iPhone 13. To know more about those challenging aspects, scroll down the screen and go through the following pointers:

Charging issue

iPhone 13 has a longer battery life, but it takes much time to get it charged. You need to invest more time in completing its charging, and Only then you will be able to get it fully charged to use. On the contrary, the smartphones are charged early.

Automatic Switching

When you start using iPhone 13, you will find that it switches between multiple macros. This automatic switching is not a smooth functioning of the iPhone. You will not feel as if your iPhone 13 switches constantly.

Can I get an iPhone 13 for free?

If you are not financially ready to buy an iPhone 13, you can get it through a government benefit program. You only need to search for a participating carrier that has an FCC license and sells Apple iPhone 13 for free.

But don’t bother about it. To ease your stress, we have enlisted the names of the wireless companies and government programs that have been offering flagship iPhones to low–income Americans.

You only need to go through the article and follow the given steps to get an iPhone 13 at no price.

Let’s dig in!

How to claim a free iPhone 13 through a government benefit program?

To claim a free iPhone 13, you have to qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. The Affordable Connectivity Program is supported by the Federal Communications Commission, which offers iPhones for free to a limited number of Americans. This limited number of Americans belongs to low-income eligible households.

The Federal Communications Commission doesn’t discriminate against distributing iPhone 13 at zero price. Even those who reside in tribal lands can claim a free Apple iPhone 13 without any ado.

What are the eligibility criteria to get a free Apple iPhone 13?

Check out the following eligibility criteria to get a free Apple iPhone 13. You should be the beneficiary of any one of the government benefit programs:

Income Eligibility

To avail of the benefit of the free iPhone, you should be income-eligible. It means that you or your household income should be at or below 200% according to the Federal Poverty guidelines.

Food Stamps

You should be an EBT cardholder if you want to claim a free iPhone. The EBT card is issued to the beneficiaries of the Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to purchase the grocery items. Besides this, you can also get an iPhone 13 at no price.


Beneficiaries of the universal health care plans, i.e., Medicaid or Medicare, can claim a free iPhone 13. This opportunity is available or all without any discrimination. If you are a beneficiary of Medicaid, you should apply for an iPhone for free.

Federal Public Housing Assistance

Have you qualified for the Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8) or other housing assistance programs? If yes, you should apply for a free Apple iPhone 13 without any delay. The stock is limited.

Federal Pell Grant

Are you a receiver of the Federal Pell Grant in the current year? If yes, you should be a beneficiary of the iPhone 13 also, as this iPhone beats other smartphones or iPhones in quality. Don’t miss the chance to get a free Apple iPhone 13.


If you are a beneficiary of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, you should avail of the benefit of the offer of an iPhone 13 for free. You will get it from the participating carrier.

Veterans or Survivors Benefit

The Federal Communication Commission honors the sacrifices of veterans for their motherland. Therefore, the FCC has made the iPhone 13 free for them. If you are a veteran, you can also avail of the benefit of iPhone 13 for free.

Tribal Assistance Program

Those who qualify for any one of the tribal assistance programs can claim a free iPhone 13:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Tribal TANF
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Tribal Head Start (income-based)

Which documents should I need to upload for Apple iPhone 13?

You have to upload a document to prove that you are eligible for the iPhone 13. When you get verification with the help of your uploaded document, you will be able to get your best-featured iPhone 13 for free. Check out the following pointers to learn about the documents that you need to upload for the government Apple iPhone 13:

  • Benefit proof or reward statement of any one of the government assistance program
  • Veterans pension statement
  • Federal Pell Grant scholarship statement
  • Paystubs
  • Tax return copy
  • Driver’s license (to prove your identity)

How to apply for a free government iPhone 13?

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) offers the iPhone 13 to the beneficiaries of government assistance programs. Some participating carriers are the partner providers of the FCC and offer iPhone 13 for free to eligible customers. You have to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program through any one of the partner providers to claim an iPhone 13 for free:

AirTalk Wireless

AirTalk Wireless is a partner provider of the FCC and has offered the iPhone 13 to eligible Americans at no price. The network coverage of the company is available across all the US States.

You don’t need to worry about the no internet connection on your iPhone. The best customer service on the phone and easy returns or refunds make this company the most sought-after company in the US.

  • Head over to the website of AirTalk Wireless.
  • Then, enter your ZIP code to find out the product availability in your area.
  • Then, click on the option of Apply.
  • Provide all the details in the application form.
  • Upload the documents to prove that you are eligible for the iPhone 13.
  • Wait for its approval.

Once you get approval for the benefits of the Affordable Connectivity Program, you can place an order for iPhone 13. You will get the delivery of the iPhone within 5 business days.

NewPhone Wireless

NewPhone Wireless is the largest seller of free iPhones. You will find a plethora of options for free iPhones on the website of NewPhone Wireless. The network coverage area of the company is good.

Furthermore, the customer care support center provides customers with the best solutions to their problems instantly. No additional charges for zero-cost iPhone 13 are there.

Follow the following steps to apply for the NewPhone Wireless:

  • Go to the website of NewPhone Wireless.
  • Click on the button Apply to initiate the application procedure for the ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program).
  • Next, enter the Zip code.
  • Then, click on the option of Apply Now.
  • Fill in the complete details in the application form carefully.
  • Upload documents to prove your eligibility for free Apple iPhone 13.
  • Then, submit the form.

Once you get the approval, you can shop for your Apple iPhone 13 online on the NewPhone website. You will get the fastest delivery of the product within a few business days,

What are the pros and cons of claiming a free government iPhone 13?

Apple iPhone 13 is the ultimate best-tech embedded smartphone solution. It differs from high-tech smartphones in many aspects. Therefore, some people buy it as a status symbol in society, and some want to change their experience of using an iPhone.

But everything has its pros and cons. Before applying for a free government Apple iPhone 13, you should be very well acquainted with its pros and cons. Look at the following pointers to learn about the pros and cons.


  • Zero Price iPhone 13

If you apply for a government iPhone 13, the best thing is that you will get this luxurious iPhone at no price. You don’t need to pay anything for it. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay for shipment charges. You will get its free delivery.

  • Flagship phone

What can be more exciting than the opportunity of getting a flagship phone for free? Of course, nothing else can gather your attention than the iPhone 13 this time. Imagine that you will be able to use cinematic mode for the best quality videos and sensor-shift technology in one iPhone for free.

  • Government schemes

Since you get the iPhone 13 through the government scheme, you will be able to access other government benefit programs through your iPhone 13 easily. You will be able to download government apps on iPhone 13 and can avail of their maximum benefits.


  • Eligibility criteria

To claim a free government iPhone 13, you have to complete the pre-determined eligibility criteria for it. If you don’t qualify for it, you can’t get an iPhone 13 for free and not even at a low cost. This is a challenging eligibility process that every applicant has to complete.

  • Limited selection

You can’t claim a free iPhone very easily because of the utmost competition. Like you and me, there will be many applicants who will claim an iPhone 13 for free. However, due to the limited fund availability of the FCC, the partner providers only offer iPhone 13 for free to a few beneficiaries. This is a challenging aspect of the free Apple iPhone 13.

  • Purchase a plan

Your partner provider company can ask you to purchase a plan/add a line to get an iPhone 13 for free. In this way, the iPhone 13 will be a costly affair for you. It can impact your budget negatively. So, you should avoid it if you are running out of money.

Is the government Apple iPhone 13 the right choice for you?

The federal government offers free iPhones and smartphones to customers. In this way, you get many options to choose from. You can select the right phone for you. Also, note one thing: you can’t get the Apple iPhone 13 easily. There is a lot of competition in it. Only a limited number of individuals get it. We recommend you not to waste time. You should apply for a flagship smartphone. You will get it easily.


How to unlock the free government iPhone 13?

Don’t fret! Your iPhone 13 will unlock itself after one year. You don’t need to undergo any tough procedure. But if you are a veteran, you can ask for its unlocking before one year. For this, you should make a call to the customer care center of your partner provider.

Can I claim an iPhone 13 from Airtalk Wireless if I have availed of the benefit of a free government smartphone?

No, you can’t claim an iPhone 13 from AirTalk Wireless or any other partner provider if you have availed of the benefit of a free government smartphone. The government benefit program doesn’t offer free devices to upgrade.

In how many days will I get a free iPhone 13?

You will get a free Apple iPhone 13 within 5-6 business days of your chosen partner provider. If you don’t get it within this period, you should track the status of your order by logging into the account of your carrier.

What should I do if I get a defective iPhone 13 on delivery?

If you get a defective iPhone 13 on delivery, you should contact the customer support person of the participating carrier immediately. He will guide you about the further procedure for easy replacement.

The Closing Thought

This article has comprehensively covered all the topics regarding the free government iPhone 13. I hope that this article will help you to make a nice decision. We recommend you to apply for an Apple iPhone 13 only once. If you don’t get it this time, you should apply for any other flagship smartphone. The flagship smartphones are not less in quality.

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