T-Mobile Free iPad : How to Apply, Latest 5 Models Offered

An iPad is better than a laptop because of its portability. But, when buying an iPad, people usually worry about its high prices. But those who know about T-Mobile promotional offers on iPad can save a huge amount of money.

If you are also thinking about buying a new iPad, you should search for T-Mobile’s promotional offers and deals on iPads right now.

This article focuses on how to get free T-mobile iPad or discounted rates. In addition to this, you will read some interesting things about the T-mobile iPads and the need to get them.

So, read the article to learn about T-Mobile’s promotional offers on iPads and get free shipping for your low-cost iPads.

Can I get a T-mobile free iPad?

Compared to Tablets, Apple-manufactured iPads are expensive. Therefore, it is not possible to get them for free. But you can claim a heavy discount on iPads by participating in the promotional offers and deals of the T-mobile. So, keep checking which promotional offers are available for you right now to claim a low-cost iPad.

Furthermore, scroll down the screen to learn about eligibility requirements, application procedure, benefits, top-rated models’ specific features, etc.

How to apply for the T-mobile free iPad?

It is effortless to apply for the Free T-mobile iPad. You only need to know some basic things related to the offers of T-mobile. Go over the following paragraphs to learn how to apply for low-cost T-mobile iPads.

Keep visiting the T-mobile website

T-Mobile brings up new promotional offers


Every year, T-Mobile brings up new promotional offers and deals for its customers. You can also claim a rebate on the selected model of iPad. For this, you should keep visiting the T-Mobile website to unlock the discounted offers on iPads. So, don’t miss this great opportunity and place an order for your T-mobile iPads right away.

Check your eligibility

All these promotional offers come with certain eligibility criteria that the buyer has to follow to avail of the benefits of discounted iPads. T-Mobile unlocks the best deals on iPads for its existing customers. If T-Mobile is offering rebates on iPads right now, hurry up! These steal deals are only for a limited time.

Redeem a rebate

If you need a T-mobile iPad urgently when no promotional offer is available for customers, you can redeem your reward points. Your reward points will certainly give you a good rebate on your purchased iPad.

Buy a specific plan

T-Mobile rolls out new schemes to attract customers. So, under these schemes, you can buy an iPad by buying a specific plan from T-Mobile. In this way, the company T-Mobile increases the sales of new plans and iPads.

What are the eligibility criteria for a T-mobile iPad?

Going to place an order for a T-Mobile iPad? You should know the eligibility criteria to unlock the discounts on T-mobile iPads here. Go through the following pointers to check whether you are eligible for rebates on iPads or not:

  • It would be best if you were a US citizen.
  • You should be an existing customer of T-mobile wireless company.
  • You should buy a new line to avail the benefit of rebates on iPads.
  • You should know the terms and conditions before you place an order for an iPad. The terms and conditions vary from model to model.

Which T-Mobile iPads are available for customers?

T-Mobile Free iPad

Check out the following models’ specific features to know what more T-Mobile has for you in today’s saving deals:

iPad 10th Gen

  • 10.9-inch liquid retina display
  • 12 MP rear camera
  • 12 MP ultra front camera
  • Touch ID for secure Apple Pay
  • 5G network
  • Long-term battery life
  • Works with Apple Pencil and Magic keyboard folio
  • USB-C connector

iPad 9th gen

  • 10.2-inch display
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 12 MP front camera
  • 256GB storage capacity
  • Stereo speakers
  • Lightning connector
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Works with Apple pencil

iPad Pro 12.9 inch 6th gen

  • 12.9-inch display
  • 10 MP rear camera
  • 12 MP front camera
  • Face ID for secure use of Apple Pay
  • 5G network
  • Works with Apple Pencil

iPad mini 6th gen

  • 8.3-inch display
  • Touch ID
  • 12 MP rear camera
  • 12 MP front camera
  • Stereo speakers
  • 5G network
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Works with Apple Pencil.

iPad Pro 11-inch 4th gen

  • 11-inch display
  • 12 MP front camera
  • 10 MP rear camera
  • Face ID
  • Long battery life
  • 5G network
  • Works with Apple Pencil

Why should I buy an iPad?

Compared to Android tablets, the iPad is an expensive product. It would be best if you bought an iPad because of the following reasons:

Video Calls

You should buy an iPad if you have to attend many video calls daily. Some buyers have to participate in many Zoom meetings because of their online classes or remote jobs. In this case, it is better to buy an iPad than a phone because of the big-size display.

Be creative

If you love creativity with the Apple Pencil, the iPad should be your priority. This will help you to enhance your creativity. You can doodle in your free time with this magical pencil. This way, you will bring excellence to your creativity in your leisure hours.

Jot down notes

You should buy an iPad if you must take many notes for your job or other reasons. This will help you to organize notes in a much better way. Moreover, you will be able to access them quickly on your iPad.

Avid reader

Are you an avid book reader? You should buy an iPad if you can afford it. This will completely change your experience of book reading. They are portable and look like an e-book.

Web series

Do you love binge-watching web series on Amazon Prime or Netflix? If yes, bring a significant change in your experience of watching web series with the vast display of the Apple iPad. iPads are the best for streaming high-quality videos with the best built-in stereo speakers.

Upgrade to a new phone

If you are tired of using your old phone or laptop, upgrade to an iPad. iPads are becoming very popular among customers because of their high-quality display, speakers, and other features.


I am qualified for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Can I get free iPads from T-Mobile?

No, you can’t get free iPads from T-Mobile even though you benefit from the Affordable Connectivity Program.

How much rebate will I get on the iPads from T-Mobile?

The rebate is uncertain on the iPads of T-Mobile. It varies from model to model.

When does T-Mobile roll out promotional offers?

T-Mobile rolls out promotional offers every year. It would be best to keep visiting the website, as these offers only last a few days.

The Closing Comments

Finally, you have learned how to get a free iPad from T-Mobile. Now, you won’t find any difficulty in placing an order and understanding its eligibility criteria. So, buy an iPad without delay, as the offer is valid for only a limited period.

T-Mobile also offers free iPad to wireless customers. The company rolls out promotional offers and deals for it every year.

If you also want to avail the benefit of this offer, you should keep visiting the website of T-Mobile. In this way, you won’t miss any chance of getting a huge amount of rebate on the iPads.

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